Sell your inventory

We buy inventory from airlines, repair organisations and other stockists worldwide.

The Costs Of Excess Stock Are Huge

Unused inventory ties up cash, needs storage, depreciates, expires and is prone to being lost or damaged.

The longer you ignore your surplus stock problem the bigger it becomes! Lifed items expire, parts become redundant, systems change and records are lost - all of which diminishes the value of your inventory. Then there's the storage costs - renting, maintaining and heating warehouses for slow moving stock rarely makes sense.

The solution? Sell your surplus inventory to us and raise cash while eliminating these hidden costs.

A Solution That Works For You

We offer outright purchase, physical or virtual consignment and hybrid agreements according to your requirements.

Option 1 – Outright purchase

An outright purchase is the easiest and fastest way to generate revenue. Let us handle the entire process including picking, packing and transportation. Send us your listing for a no obligation cash offer!

Option 2 – Consignment

We advertise, quote and sell on your behalf. This can be done directly from your warehouse (virtual) or we can store the stock at our own premises. Either way you retain ownership and access to the inventory for your own requirements.